Lady at the bus stop V The man in the pub


Do you know what has been nice over these last few weeks?  Seeing as our front lawn was a no-go-area for a while, we’d head down to the big field where the bois could have a kick about and I could take the dog for a walk down the lane all by myself.



With Alf being only 7, I didn’t go that far…but just enough so I couldn’t hear them.  Know what I mean?  Juuuust nice.


I’m told by a lady at the school bus stop that there’s big torrential rain and strong winds heading our way tomorrow…but on the other hand I was told we were going to have another month of glorious sunshine.  But that last one was from someone in the pub…so who knows?!



collage 23


So if the lady at the bus stop is right {keep up}, tomorrow is not one for heading out.  So, why don’t we all grab a mug of something nice, a hot chocolate with all the works…or an irish coffee {it’s getting to that time of year now, isn’t it?} and scroll through these photos again pretending what’s happening outside, isn’t happening.  And then I might have to go and find my mate in the pub and have a word…method in my madness ;)

The only thing I can’t guarantee is the peace and quiet away from those pesky kids, like I had on this walk…

Whatever the weather, have a good one!

PS – is this what they call the ‘Golden Hour’ in photography?!

PPS – soo having the irish coffee, over here!

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