40 / 52 {on the hunt for conkers}


Robb | I think you counted 52 conkers by the time we got home!  Not captured on camera: You asking Alf if he saw flying unicorns as he came around from his anaesthetic after having his teeth pulled out.  And that hug you gave me the other night?  See below, I think that’s what brought that on.  And why do we decide to chop all of your hair off as soon as it gets colder?!


Alfie | “DAD!  I can see a massive one down there!”  Not captured on camera: Your braveness as they explained they were going to put you to sleep for a while, and your attitude was just ‘yeah, just get it over with’.  Also, your response to me asking if you were ok when we were out collecting conkers, “Of course I am, Mam.  I’m on my bike and I’m with my family”…you really do say the sweetest things Alf.  And another gem I found on my phone, “If I was 5, I’d be littler and trying to kill birds”…?!

“a portrait of the bois bach, every week, in 2014”

Was there a full moon Sunday evening, or something? Paul seems to think so.  Because, there I was, just making myself a drink and out of nowhere, it hit me.  Out of nowhere came this huge overwhelming, all-consuming feeling of motherly love, pride, joy…and slight panic, I think.  I tried my best to explain it to Paul.  It probably didn’t help that as I was trying to, it all sounded soo daft, that I started laughing hysterically?!  “They’re good tears!” I kept repeating…and then I’d sob again…”Robb and I, we…just…we just…” {laughs hysterically!}…”ooh, {scrunches up face really ugly} do you think the bois know how much I love them?” {starts sobbing again…}.  Anyway, it happened and I’ve mentioned it here because as weird as it sounds…I kind of don’t want to forget about it, and that’s one of the reasons for this blog of mine.  To remember it all.  Even the scrunched up ugly faces.

Thank God ‘Mock The Week’ came on to snap me out of it.

 Bois bach, de chi werth y byd.  Blydi hell de chi werth y byd a mwy. xxx

living arrows

2 thoughts on “40 / 52 {on the hunt for conkers}

  1. I had one of those ‘moments’ last night. I was snuggling in bed with The 5 Year Old and I just felt overwhelmed by love for him. It was a good feeling as earlier in the day I could have happily strangled him…

    Motherly love eh, that’s some strong stuff. x

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