“There’s this girl…”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

“What’s happened to your eye, Alf?”

“Oh, I just banged my head against Emily’s head in school, today.”

“Oh.  How did that happen, then?”

“It was an accident.  We just bumped heads, that’s all.”

From another room comes “ooooOOOoooh! Is she your GUUUUURLFRIEND?!!!”

*shrugs his shoulders* “I wouldn’t mind, but she hasn’t mentioned it yet…”


Apologies for any heartache caused to those of you reading this ;)


{the above photo has nothing to do with this post, other than it was one of the photos I took last night.  If I had taken a photo of Alf as he was saying it, you would have either got Alf butt naked in the bath, me just got out of the bath with no make up on {which is a frightful sight, paul will tell you} or Robb coming in to the bathroom with his tablet, hoping to get on the loo for half an hour.}

3 thoughts on ““There’s this girl…”

  1. I feel your pain – a little 5 yr old girl walked in front of me by the school gates, stopping me in my tracks.
    ‘Excuse me. Oscar and me kissed on the lips today’

    And then she skipped off.

    I wish I had said something like:

    ‘It’s not Oscar and me – it’s Oscar and I’
    ‘It’s not big and it’s not clever’

    But I stood stunned and gave her a steely stare as she skipped off.


  2. so cute! it’ll porbably knock me off my feet the first time i hear something like that come from my little one’s mouth, but puppy love is so sweet and innocent. ;)

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