Halloween Hair {…or that time I looked like Tina Turner on acid…}



Fancy a fun afternoon?  Get Gary round, put a bit of a spread on and let him do whatever he likes to your hair.  Ooooorr, even better, I’ll do the above and share with you the hilarious results!  And a bit of a how-to.  Because Halloween isn’t just for the kids, bobl bach.  Oh no.


“Omaigod! Ti’n edrych fel Tina Turner on Acid!” – a highlight of my week, for sure! haa!

I painted my face using white and black eyeliner, red lipstick and blusher.  Easy as.  I did this last year and I think false eyelashes did finish it off better, unfortunately, I haven’t got any on here.

To do my hair, Gary folded strips of hair in aluminium foil, folded them over concertina-style and using flat irons, clamped the foiled sections for around 15 seconds.  He did this until all of my hair was done.   A good blast of hairspray before Gary then backcombed the life out of my hair!  And then some more.  For my fringe, he curled it under very tightly, using the flat irons.  And then finish it off with all the hairspray.  All the hairspray.

The second look was a bit ‘Downton Abbey-style’…well, I took Gary’s word for it as I have never watched the programme!  *insert dirty looks from Cai here*


We decided to just emphasise the eyes a bit more here…and I obviously need a bit of practice in perfecting the cat eye look…anyway, I was more in love with my hair!  Here, Gary backcombed the front of my hair and pinned it all back.  He finished it off with a strip of talc which you can see in the photo below.


…as well as the main man himself, Gary Gwallt!

We both agreed that this would look great with one of those big, high neck gowns…anyone know where I can get one?!

A huge thanks to Gary for coming over and helping me out here.  Gary, ti’n bloody star!

{There really was a lot of hairspray used.  At one point Rolly {the dog} had his head sticking out of the cat flap to get some fresh air!}

What do you think?  Would you try any of these looks?  We’d love to know.

…if you’re nice, Gary might come back and give us some ideas for Christmas and New Year parties!..

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