a few things that make me happy



:: muddy knees

:: dancing

:: proper  homemade chicken gravy

:: hearing a song that you absolutely love and haven’t heard in ages so that when it comes on, you stop EVERYTHING that you are doing

:: homeland…although this makes me slightly confused and I don’t breathe for the whole time that it is on…but i’m happy that it’s back

:: alfie and his love for Friends!  Ross is his favourite!

:: Stevi on xfactor

:: squishy babies

:: …and when Paul is holding one my insides go C R A Z Y.

:: ed sheran’s ‘thinking out loud’ video.

:: robb surviving his first bala fair experience with his friends.  I may have clock watched for the whole time…and that 8 o’clock bus took f o r e v e r to get in to Llan.

:: george ezra’s album.

:: a face mask.

:: this bag!  It’s not only real leather but it looks good, feels good and is just the right size!  I can fit my purse, phone and now my camera in it too…not forgetting 3 different varieties of mascara’s.  I tend to wear it without the detachable strap for work, as it feels that little bit more grown up that way, and then the strap comes in handy at the weekend when I’m out and about with Paul and the bois.  Yes, this bag makes me very happy.

What’s making you happy?

Serious face : I was kindly sent this bag by the lovely people at J D Williams.  All words and thoughts are my own, now including this lovely bag!

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