44 / 52 {half term}

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Robb | Apart from our “roaster coaster” {sorry, it doesn’t look like we are going to let that one slip just yet…} selfie, this was the only photo I managed to get of you in focus the whole day we were at Drayton Manor.  It didn’t help that the other rides were either too high, fast or loopy…or all of the above!  But this year we have definitely seen a shift in your braveness when it comes to these rides!  No fear whatsoever.  Apart from ‘Pandemonium’…but I went on that one to keep Dad happy, so that was ok.  Sort of.  {Bleuuurgghhh!}.  I’m pretty sure I can make out a huge smile on your face in this photo.  You smiled a lot that day.  You smile a lot every day.  You make me smile.  So much.


Alfie | Check you out!  Riding the berms at Coed y Brenin!  I so wish I was there to witness you doing this for the first time…but we’ve all agreed that we need to go back there asap so that you can show me.  But maybe if I had been there, I wouldn’t have witnessed you running towards me as fast as you could that evening, squeezing me so bloody good and telling me “Mam!  I biked down those berms ON MY BIG BIKE today all on my own…and I liked it!” with those great big blue eyes of yours brimming with excitement!

Other things I want to remember : Alf still calls spaghetti ‘sgabetti’, and potatoes ‘topatoes’.  At Drayton Manor, Alf whispered in my ear “sometimes, drops of wee come out of my winky when the ride goes really fast!”…and how Robb grabbed hold of me and shoved his head in my lap in the haunted house.  Paul’s face, crying with laughter, because of Alf’s reaction to the Ben 10 ride.  And that poor guy who sat next to me, who had to get pushed into his seat on ‘Pandemonium’ because of his gut…so that when we were hanging upside down, I was convinced our harnesses were going to ping open and I would fall to my death…and the bois would have witnessed it all…such fun!

..and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Film…I bloody loved it!

“a portrait of the bois bach, every week, in 2014”

Bois bach, de chi werth y byd  xxx

living arrows

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