A Treasured Photograph


I know it seems like the most obvious photo to love and treasure.  Our Wedding Day, the dress, the handsome husband and the cake.  But look that little bit closer, look at Robb’s face.  Perfect timing!  Licking his luscious lips with anticipation at what is about to be put in front of him and told “Fill yer boots bach, get it all over your chops and that crisp white shirt of yours…that’s the last of the photo’s done!”…{what every kid loves to hear, i’m sure!}.

This photo is hanging up on our wall and every time I pass it, or take a moment to take it all in again and I see Robb’s face, something inside me starts yearning for that cheeky, chubby face and it takes me back there, to our wedding day.  The early start {hello 3am.  Yes, I was that excited…and also a bit worried as my brother wasn’t home yet which meant he was still out with Paul!}, Robb announcing that he wanted to go dressed as a dinosaur {he didn’t mention it at all until that morning}, walking to church with Dad and Robb with his Thomas The Tank Engine magazine rolled up in one hand, becoming Mr & Mrs Lowe and partying all night…and Robb not being too keen on anything much that day, to be honest.  But this photo more than makes up for it.

In case you wanted a close up…{of course you did!}:

…yep…my ovaries have just exploded…

Alf went through a phase of asking where was he when this photo {or any other without him, in fact} was taken and he just wouldn’t get it.  “But I must have been SOMEWHERE?”  Where was I?”

Have you got a photo you treasure?  Want to share it?  Let me know!

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