44 / 52 {a sunday afternoon}



Paul : What did you do today?

Me : We walked around the lake.

Paul : What?  Like all the way around it?

Me : …oh no.  We drove there and in between the really heavy showers, we would run to the lake and throw stones in it for the dog…


Paul : So…you didn’t actually walk right round the lake then?

Me : …nah!  But it was so bloody pretty!  {it really was.  between each shower, as there were a lot of them!,  the light was totally different!}

Robb & Alfie | This week I have managed to make you both proper belly laugh until you cried with my beatboxing attempts.  To which we all agreed that laughing like that must be done at least once a day.


Alfie’s “is she seriously taking another f*&””$ photo?!” face!

…and he wore his shin pads right up until bath time last night!


Robb’s “I’m just gonna stand here and be all handsome and stuff” face ;)

“a portrait of the bois bach, every week, in 2014”

Bois bach, de chi werth y byd  xxx

living arrows

4 thoughts on “44 / 52 {a sunday afternoon}

  1. That photo so reminds me of my kids much of the time, they only pose on their terms! Looks like a lovely lake there, very beautiful indeed. Thanks for joining me on Country Kids

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