{captured} urban


‘ Urban’: in relating to, or characteristic of a town or a city.

…about as ‘urban’ as it will get around here.

Photography ‘prompts’, I love them.  On blogs, twitter, Instagram etc. Even if I sometimes don’t quite get it! And I like this one! They make me get out with my, sorry Paul, OUR camera ;) and look at everything differently in search of the shot. I actually typed shit then, make of that what you will…

Anyway, lunchtime walks, I always look forward to them…even if I am dodging more downpours {see previous post, we get ’em a lot around here}.

…now onto the next ‘prompt’…and, no doubt, downpour…


Joining in with these gorgeous blogs, tara victoria and of trees and hues…go check them out.

4 thoughts on “{captured} urban

  1. There’s not a lot of brick houses (or any buildings for that matter) around here. And I do love them – the crumblier the better! Great choice of subject.

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