Temptations // Christine Ashworth


Meet Christine.

I’ve know Christine a few years now.  She’s the lady who broke my heart many years ago with the words “Cerys, I know how much you love riding Bunny, but you really need to ride a bigger horse now.  You’re 23”.  I’m joking with that last bit.  But not with the rest.  But I’m pretty sure if that place and Bunny were still going strong, I’d be there and ok, maybe I’d let Alf ride Bunny instead of me.  Christine used to run ‘Pentre Bach Riding Centre’ and I think I’m safe in saying that myself, Cara and Becky {miss you!} had some of our best days up there.   Where else can you be sat on top of a pile of horse poo/hay, eating your lunch and discussing everything to do with horses…and maybe boys?!


Sadly ‘Pentre Bach Riding Centre’ is no longer and instead there’s cakes, cakes and more cakes…in the name of ‘Temptations’.  As I’m wanting to promote local people, businesses and the beautiful North Wales we live in, Christine let me into her kitchen one sunny Sunday morning to tell me all about ‘Temptations’.

Where did ‘Temptations’ come from?  Have you always baked?

After the stables closed {sob!}, I would bake for our shop/tea room in Church Stretton.  Sandwich cakes, traybakes like lemon drizzle or bakewell and it just went from there really.  I can’t remember a conscious decision to starting ‘Temptations’.


^ This bakewell smelt amazing!  Ever wanted to faceplant a traybake?  Yeah, me too! . ^



I was expecting all of the baking to take place in your house kitchen, but we’re not in there, is this new?

This used to be the dining room / sitting room for those who would come and stay on the riding holidays, which I used to run.  It all started in the ‘house kitchen’ but this is more ideal.  Plus the dog isn’t allowed in here!  There are two of us who bake for ‘Temptations’, Jane is very good at what she does and we work well together.  We really churn out the stuff.  These shelves behind you are filled with cakes and stacked to the top.  We’re busy, but a good busy.

Where can we find your delicious bakes?

I’m at Ruthin market every Thursday and the Farmer’s Market at Grosvenor Garden Centre once a month.  I do all of the local food festivals, such as Mold, Llangollen, Conway, Portmeirion and Llandudno.  I was at the North Wales County Fair in Bala this year and the Denbigh Plum Festival.  And I have a stall at the Anglesey, Flint and Denbigh shows.  There’s the outlets I provide for too and you can also find me at the Ludlow Christmas Fair, as well as just placing an order directly with me!

Speaking of Christmas, how many mince pies do you think you’ll bake this year?

*sighs*…ooh, hundreds and thousands!  As everything I bake is never frozen and always goes out fresh, I don’t start baking mince pies until mid November.  And then it’s just days on end of mince pies after mince pies…but Jane and I have a good system going on.  I will roll the pastry, Jane fills them, the tops go on, then the egg wash and then onto a tray and into the oven.  It’s like a conveyor belt of mince pies!

{I can think of worse looking conveyor belts! ;) }

Do you ever have some time off?

Weekends are a non-baking event, unless I have a food festival to prepare for.  I like to keep my weekends for family, riding Jasmine and other hobbies.  {Christine also helps out with the Llangollen & District Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society}. 

…because baking hundreds and thousands of mince pies and the rest, obviously just isn’t enough for Christine!  Thanks for having me Chris! x

Like I said above, I am hoping to share all things lovely and great about North Wales on here, so if you know of someone or something I need to shout about, let me know!  Diolch.

Serious face : all words and thoughts are my own but maybe, just maybe, I was given a squidgy brownie by Christine, which I obviously shared with the bois.  Obviously.  I promise…;)

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