When Christmas Came Early…


“Come home for your lunch today” Paul said to me this morning.  So I did.  After lunch, I was putting my dishes in the sink and turned around to a box sitting on the dining table and Paul with a huge smile on his face “Merry Christmas, Cer”.  Me, all excited and being the lady that I am, “I need to pee.  Shall I go pee?!  Oh my God.  Whaaat?”  “Cer, go and pee if you need to”  “Nooooo! I want to open my present!”. 

And then I laughed the whole drive back to the office. And not just any laugh, proper laugh out loud belly laughs!

Not only has he bought me a car, but he’s also had a word with the lads at the garage to make sure I fill it with diesel and not petrol! Gotta love him!

And i do.

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