Day 2 // Which is your favourite chair in the house and why?


It will be whichever one this one is occupying. Because if there is one thing that Rolly does very well, it’s jumping right into the spot you are just about to settle into. It’s as if he’s watching you to see which end of the sofa you are eyeing up. Or, if you have managed to get there before him, he will snuggle r i g h t up to you that, as much as it is really cute, it is also a little annoying at times, too. But our house, and wherever I’m about to sit, would definitely be a lot different without him. And with a lot less dog hair…

Love our little walking, yapping, snoring hot water bottle.


#lifecapturedproject. Interested?  Check here for more info.  ps – you won’t be disappointed.

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