Want spider legs? You need Younique 3D Mascara.



If I’m honest, when I first heard about this new mascara which has recently come over to the UK, I was a bit confused!  3D and fibers?!  How does that even work?  So, out of curiosity and because it is mascara, obviously, I just had to try it out.  Ladies, it’s love!  It adds some length to my lashes but it’s the fullness of them which just makes it even better.  And just so easy to apply!  There are two wands, first you apply the gel, which goes on like any other mascara and then you apply the fibers, which is the other wand.  Big, full lashes in seconds!

No faffing about with glue and falsies sticking to your fingers.  Hashtag winwin!

…now to find something to fill out these lips of mine! ;)

Serious face : These haven’t been sent to me to review, I paid for them myself and just had to share it with you all.  All words and thoughts are my own…and so are those lashes, baby!  All mine! x

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