Thursday. The day that just kept giving and giving…

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It all started when I first got up in the morning and realised I was able to go another day without washing my hair.  And then, due to our amazing parenting skillz {read as slight cock-up…}, I had to get to work early to finish early, which meant I missed the whole ‘just brush your teeth, Alfie’ saga that still seems to be  happening seven years down the line…

3 coffee’s down {and about double that number in chocolate bourbon’s}, we had the cutest delivery ever to work, this tiny newborn Christmas tree, you can see above.  I say newborn because at one point I was holding it like it was a baby.  Broody?  ME?  Noooo…

And just like that saying, “you wait for a bus then two come along”, another tree arrived!  This time a fully grown one and not one that is going to need a lot of love and singing to help it grow for the next five years plus.  Oh, and water!  I need to remember to water it.

As hard as it was to do it, I pushed ALL OF MY WORK to one side, put Michael Buble on loud and got decorating that baby.  During which I managed to get most of the office involved in the hunt for an extension lead, I cut everyone off from the internet, someone’s computer shut down and the tree fell over about five times.

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And, I kid you not, another gift arrived!  This time from a client…apparently a girl can never have too many post it notes…?!

And before I could decide to re-arrange the tree again, it was time for me to leave work and head to the Schools Christmas Concert.  Cute, dancing elves, super cute animals and the best dancing reindeer I have ever seen!  What more do you want from a Christmas Concert?!

All finished off by One Direction, George Ezra, Idris Elba, a bath and a glass of wine.  Not all at the same time, obviously.  Bloodyhell no, Thursday was great but not that great! ;)

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