{captured} reflection

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^ “All I need now is a Baileys” ^

…hmm, it’s all starting to slow down now isn’t it?  Life, school for the boys, work…even the photocopier has had enough today and is just refusing to print some documents!  And this photo portrays exactly how I’m feeling right now.  A bit blurry around the edges.  I keep catching myself at work daydreaming, a million miles away, twiddling my hair.  I drive myself {and a work colleague} mad with this habit.  And totally get where Alf was coming from when he used to do this to get himself to sleep.   There’s always a bit of a lull between putting the Christmas tree up and Christmas Day, isn’t there?  A nice lull, though.  Good ol’ December, apart from the shopping trips, allowing us these long, lazy evenings of pleasing ourselves with our books and games, eating tea together as a family, then lounging on the sofa in front of the tv before bedtime arrives.  I was a little bit relieved that our hairdresser had to cancel last night…and all I had to do was SIT there?!

December is also when I like to look back on all my blog posts for the previous year.  2014 you were good to us.  There was the 52 project, which looks like I WILL complete, Yay!  There have been new hobbies, new friends, new babies {probs my fave!}, probably our best Summer holiday yet, 40th celebrations {where we formed our own rock band…}, new schools and new terms, a half marathonlocal festivals, a new car {!!} and just more focus on being happy, healthy and having fun.

Joining in with these gorgeous blogs, sticky fingerstara victoria and of trees and hues…go check them out.

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