5 Things I Was Doing Wrong With My Hair


You know I said in yesterday’s post that our hairdresser had to cancel the other evening, well, not last night!  Hooray!  Resulting in Robb going to school this morning with a very cool Olly Murs inspired hairstyle {he just wanted it shorter, I wanted it like Mr Murs ;) } and just a ‘tidy up’ for me.  But if he had turned up on Wednesday evening, I was at the ‘just-chop-it-all-off’ stage.  But it turns out I was just doing a few things wrong when it came to my hair.  And did you know that being on antibiotics can affect your hair?!  There I was complaining it was all a bit “flimsy” and it turns out it could have been those bloody antibiotics.  {Olly Murs has just come on the radio…nanw nanw!}.  Anyway, 5 things I was doing wrong with my hair:

1:: Using far too much shampoo!  When I told Gary how much I was using, his response was “So, you could wash everybody’s hair on the estate with that amount”.  Ok then.  The trick is to use a thumbnail amount of shampoo with my first wash and then half of that on my second.  Which leads me to no. 2…

2:: Washing my hair too much.  I only need to wash it once, twice a week maximum!  *adds 5 cans of dry shampoo to shopping list*…

3:: Using the wrong hairspray {“it’s like adding glue to your hair”!}…this combined with too much shampoo?…just not helping basically!  

4:: I wasn’t the proud owner of a can of Elnett, this is the best for fine hair.

5:: The same goes for Sea Salt Spray.

3 styles I love right now, thanks to pinterest 1 | 2 | 3

Please tell me I’m not the only one doing all the wrong things to my hair, anyone else out there?!


7 thoughts on “5 Things I Was Doing Wrong With My Hair

  1. Argh I do this too minus the hairspray – every day with a big blog of shampoo and conditioner!
    If I make the change will I have to go through a weird greasy haired stage I wonder?!
    Also toying with the idea of trying henna rather than dye…
    Loving your lovely locks *kissy kissy*

  2. Hi, try washing with egg in place of your normal shampoo at least twice a month and move to sulphate free shampoos the rest of the time. Please have a look at my egg shampoo post and comment

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