51 / 52 {Chester Winter Wonderland}


Robb | You r e a l l y needed that Penguin’s help, didn’t you?!  Hashtag i’m the mother that can’t pick their kids up off the floor because I’m laughing too much…

DSC06173 - Copy

Alf | My favourite quote from you while we were ice skating?  “Do you know how much of a waste of time this is, Mam?!”  You crack me up, bach!

Some more photos from our afternoon at Chester Winter Wonderland:


^ We squeeeeeeezed ourselves into the train ride! ^


^ We met The Nutcracker…and inspected the false snow {lots of times!} ^


^…but we didn’t have as much fun as Dad, did we?!… ;) ^


^ The tongue is out = mega concentration! ^


^ There’s the face we’ve all come to love! ^


^ I promise you I am enjoying myself…and yes, Alf is licking his own bogeys…#oneforthealbum ^


^ White knuckle ride! … ^


^ Another “Do you know how much of a waste of time this is” and “I’m going round once more, then I’m getting off!” moment…but would happily go around again when it came to getting off?!  When I say he really did enjoy it, I mean it, he really did!


^ This last one sums up our afternoon of skating; Me, laughing at those falling over {that’ll be Robb then!} and Alf; holding on for his life…with his eyes closed?!

I can’t wait to take them ice skating again!

“a portrait of the bois bach, every week, in 2014”

Bois bach, de chi werth y byd  xxx

living arrows

2 thoughts on “51 / 52 {Chester Winter Wonderland}

  1. Ice skating is the one thing we have missed out on this Christmas. It looks like you had a lovely time. Thanks for joining me for Country Kids and Merry Christmas to you all

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