The Book of Robb


You know when you see something and straight away you know who you want to get it for?!  Well, when I saw these books that you can make yourself on the book of everyone website, I thought “R O B B!  He’d love this!”.  A book all about yourself, what’s not to love?!


It’s got all the nice touches and there are a number of pages you can edit to make it more personal.  I may have edited one page to read “Smart and Handsome”…well HE IS!  You can add your own photos on some, too.


12…it really is!  ps, anyone else fancy beating that piggyback race time?  Just me?…ok.  I personalised one page to show what are the 3 main things on his brain at the moment…they were ps4, football and food.  I wonder when one of them will get changed to girls…?!! :0

robb collage

He is going to love all of the geek-ness!  A symbol of his name?! How cool!  These books {for Christmas, birthdays or just because…} are made by yourself online and free to preview.  I found it very fast to make and is filled with amazing, funny and personalised facts and based on the year the person you are making it for was born.


“Don’t grow up – it’s a trap”…never a truer word said!

A personalised gift is always that little bit nicer, isn’t it?  And what’s even better with these books is the collaboration with Age UK – for each personalised book that is bought it goes towards the “gifting” of a book for an elderly person who may not receive a gift this Christmas.  Who doesn’t deserve a gift at Christmas?!

This has been wrapped and is waiting to be opened underneath our Christmas Tree, I just know Robb will love it!  And even though I have read it a few times myself already…I can’t wait to hear what his favourite bits are.

{serious face : I was sent a hardback version of the book for this review.  All words, thoughts and photos are my own…but the book, unfortunately, it’s all Robb’s!}

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