Me, Myself and I


Yesterday, I managed to get the best part of the day ALL TO MYSELF.  With Paul working and the bois bach at panto with Nain & Taid, I only had myself to please.  After waving them off {and then running into the house and locking all the doors so they couldn’t get back in…}, I got my running gear on and headed out with the dog.

Llandrillo 2

Ipod on LOUD, and we were off.


DSC06450Five miles we did in total.  It was a sort of run walk walk run walk run run run sort of run. And it was ace.  What’s better than running along the mountains singing {and panting} to your heart’s content?!  Nothing, that’s what.

DSC06463I was hoping to get some real frosty photos on the tops, but the sun had other ideas.  But I managed a few on the way down.


I had a long, hot, bubbly bath {with more singing} when I got home and decided to finish my afternoon off with a film {About Time, watch it!} and a cheeky glass of wine.

It was such a nice day that it got me thinking about doing more things just for myself.  The odd day like this would be ace {day to myself meet Paul…Paul meet day to myself…}, but also doing the small things on a daily basis.  It doesn’t have to be something that takes hours…and before I go any further this isn’t a new year’s resolution.  I think we are all starting to get tired of those.  Just taking time out to do something for ME.  It could be grabbing that 20 minutes when the bois are busy with the ps4 etc. to read instead of ironing, or closing the bathroom door and soaking my feet in the bath I’m running for the bois {sorry, bois!} or a face mask while they are in the bath.  Which is exactly what I did tonight, thanks to this Gift Box I have been sent to review.  I have used this face mask before and loved it, so I didn’t hesitate when asked if I wanted to try it out with the cleanser and moisturiser, too.

The cleanser gets your skin ready for the mother of all masks and the moisturiser finishes it all off by closing the pores and soothing any redness or irritations.  My skin is slightly red but soon afterwards is radiating and feels great.

So, who’s with me?  A bit of daily me time?   Take a look at what Annie is doing over at Mammasaurus for swoon-worthy photos and her daily walks.

Serious face : I was kindly sent the Blackhead Killer Gift Box to review.  All thoughts and words are my own…and yep, those Welsh Mountains are too.  Lucky, lucky me. 

Mr and Mrs T plus three

10 thoughts on “Me, Myself and I

  1. Dreamy dreamy photos, they make me want to roll about in the frost and at my age that could cause me a mischief!
    Thanks for the mention lovely and so glad to read that you have had some time to yourself to be outdoors – you look like you totally own those hills!

  2. This is my idea of heaven wish I could be your running buddy, my route is not nearly as beautiful. What gorgeous pictures. Thank you so much for linking up to #52HealthyWeeks :) xx

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