“I am truly in awe of this country and it’s wonderful people”




{n.} a strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world.

“…a new year’s day I’ll never forget”…”watching the world go by”…”a beautiful haven of peace and tranquillity”…”I am truly in awe of this county and it’s wonderful people”…”explored acres and acres of temples and sandy tracks on a bicycle”…”watched the sun set over the mountains from our boat surrounded by just a couple of fishing boats, some birds and the sound of a boat”…

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

Georgina, a colleague’s daughter and also a facebook friend of mine, has taken a month out before starting a new job to travel the wonders of Burma.  I’m loving all her updates on facebook.  But, sadly, Georgina dropped her phone when she went to photograph one of the many amazing sunrises she keeps telling us all about, and her phone fell two storeys down a temple!  Luckily for me, her Dad has been showing me some of what she has been sending via email to him and when I saw these two {and after getting the ok from Georgina}, I just had to share them.  Thanks Georgina!

Answers on a postcard too, if you know the other name her Mam has for Georgina?! ;)

Have a great weekend wherever you are!  X

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