2015 {Two}

The week that Robb came home with detention and Alf came home with nits…


Robb | Beat Bot.  You built it, you connected it to your iphone…and then it was time to party!  Still waiting for my invite… PS – Parents Evening?  You make your Dad and I so proud of you.  Go get ’em, bach!  {Detention was for getting your days mixed up and forgetting your PE kit…a bit harsh, I thought…but then maybe everything will always be a bit too harsh for my bois…}.

DSC06530Alfie | “It is now eighty twenty”…One of the things you wrote on your Christmas List was a watch.  What you didn’t state was that you would have preferred a Star Wars one…seeing as you’ve watch it all of ZERO times.  Kids!

bois bach de chi werth y byd xxx

I’m going to try something new with this in 2015.  To push myself and get the bois and myself thinking about the photo we are taking, we’re going to think of a prompt for every week.  Week 2 was ‘time’, next week is ‘upside down’.  Let’s see how it goes. 

Living Arrows             Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

8 thoughts on “2015 {Two}

  1. Love the quirky photos. That robot is cool.

    My son (he’s only 4) keeps going on about a watch…he can’t even recognise numbers (isn’t really willing to try) but maybe getting him one will help. #livingarrows

  2. I’m in agreement that detention is rather harsh.
    Children make me laugh when they suddenly want something despite never watching it or even being at all aware of what it actually is!

  3. love the contrast in colors of the 2 photos. I agree detention for forgetting something is a bit too much. When you are busy days are a bit blurry and you can forget things, I know I do.. a lot. #livingarrows

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