I know we are only into our 3rd week of January, but the whole ‘me time’ and finding a good balance in life seems to be working well.  It goes something like this:

It’s long days at work…and then early to bed with a horlicks and a book.

It’s coming home to find the house empty…and then grabbing my running gear and heading out.

It’s cooking something new once a week…even if a seven year old turns his nose at it.

It’s going for a quick run whilst Alf is at his footie training…to finish just in time to see Alf score!

It’s not stressing over bedtime…and making snow angles at 8.30pm instead.

It’s listening to a new band…to then go and put Sam Smith back on because Alf is o b s e s s e d.

It’s getting irritable because there are more than two in the bathroom brushing teeth…to then having Robb ask ”Shall I read to you tonight, Mam?”.

It’s reading a photography prompt incorrectly {I thought she said take a photo of your feet…when she said take a photo thinking where your feet are…}….to liking the photo, anyway.

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