{Running Diaries} 3 is a magic number



My 3rd run of the week!  Can I get a high five?!…as well as some new running gear? ;)

With Alf sleeping next door and Robb still in bed, despite me wafting the smell of fresh pancakes upstairs in an attempt to wake him up, I thought to myself ”this is the best chance I will get all day to go for a run”.

Five minutes later, I was ready.  With a little bit of snow overnight and a gorgeous blue sky, it made for a pretty run.  Made even better by bumping into my Dad on the tops walking his dog.

It’s only a total of 9 miles run this week, but as the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign that is doing the rounds has taught me…it’s 9 miles more than the person sitting on the sofa ;)

Here’s the the week ahead!

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