Amongst the Trees


It’s our happy place.  We seem to spend a lot of time up here.  And Saturday was no different.  It’s never just a quick walk through the forest.  There is hide and seek to be played, there’s the “army game” and there’s the den to explore and fill up with whatever treasure has been found.


There’s the flasks of coffee and hot chocolate for when everyone needs a minute to warm up or think about what game to play next.  There are dogs to be called who then re-appear obviously enjoying their time up here as much as everyone else.


There are trees that need a good scrub to “help them grow”, according to the bois.


And then suddenly the storm clouds are making their way over, so with rumbling bellies {not forgetting a few stranks because “ooh! we’re having soo much fun!”}, we make our way home to more coffee and hot chocolate.

But not before getting caught in one of the snow showers on our way down.

Life amongst the trees, it’s all good.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery  Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

7 thoughts on “Amongst the Trees

  1. Life among the trees really is all good my friend. Every single time we go we discover something new, the kids invent a new game, the seasons change it just a fraction more

  2. Looks like a beautiful forest to go walking through. Taking warm drinks is such a good idea in winter, gives everyone the warmth and energy to carry on their adventure. Lovely photos. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

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