Pump o’r Penwythnos

{Five from the Weekend}


Un.  Hello Snowdrops!  Aren’t these the sign that winter is on it’s way out?  I’m sure I read somewhere that you’re meant to ‘ring’ them or something?  Someone let me know if this is true or not!  I really hope it is…sod it, I’m just going to start doing it anyway!

Dau.  A night out with work colleagues.  Always a laugh.  Just remind me next time not to slap my boss on his bald head as I leave… {I’ve actually just blushed and then sighed a huge sigh of relief after realising that I hadn’t pressed ‘publish’ as autocorrect had changed bald head to balls…IMAGINE?!  How awful/embarrassing would that have been?!}

Tri.  Swimming with my bois, followed by coffee and cake…except there was no cake for me as I was running home.  But run home I did…loving every bit of it.

Pedwar.  “Mam, Can you call anyone cupcake?”  Alf bach, call me cupcake all you like.  In fact, call anyone cupcake and my job here is done.  ‘Cupcake’ all you like bach!

Pump.  Go-karting.  Enough said.  Apart from “watch your back next time sis!”…

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