{captured} Play


“Play is the highest form of research” – Albert Einstein

You don’t need me to go on again on here about how much we love heading up to the forest.  But I will tell you that muddy knees or children covered head-to-toe-in-mud {and adults!}, means only one thing, a bloody great day has been had.  This photo was captured on our regular walk.  We played hide and seek and Alfie really got me here.  I ended up having to take my jacket off because I got that hot from running around looking for him.  And when I spotted him, I crouched down and waited…and waited…for his little head to pop from behind the tree.

I can be guilty of asking/shouting/telling {tick whichever applies…that’ll be all of them, then!} the bois to stop whatever they are doing sometimes as it’s noisy/messy/annoying {again…tick whichever applies…again, it can be ALL of them!} to be told “But we’re only playing”…cue guilt trip and me burying my head deeper into my book.


In the bathroom.

With the door locked.


I love this post on sticky fingers…also this linky she runs every week.

I still remember this evening with my bois bach.

This is cute.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

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