Easy hairstyles, according to Pinterest and tips on growing your hair.


If there is something that I love to search for on Pinterest {apart from peanut butter cookie recipes and funny gif’s}, it’s hairstyles.  ALL of them.  From pixie cuts to super-big-thick-chunky-in-your-face-hair.  Even if these are styles I will never have.  And grey/pink hair, while we’re at it.  Anyway, now my hair is finally getting to a decent length at long last, I’ve decided to try out some of the styling ‘how tos’ I have come across during my many hours of balancing my kindle on my knees and holding a glass of wine.

My first style is a relatively easy one to follow.  But my hair is still just that little bit too short for it to look exactly how they have done it.  But it is at the length where I can loosen it all up a bit once the pins are in.  This is a good thing.  I like to think it makes my look that little bit ‘softer’…pah!

Anyway, I simply parted my hair into 5 sections, then pinned the middle section {at the neck} up first, then both sections next to this one and then the final two.  But I gave these a little twist…because I’m wild like that ;) .  Then loosened it all up a bit.  That was it!

I’ve been growing my hair for the best part of 2 years now.  Apart from the odd “aarrggh!  It’s doing my head in!  I just want to chop it all of!” moment, here are a few tips I’ve learnt and some photos of my hair growing days…just because :


:: Most importantly, make a pact with your hairdresser to not cut it short again during this process!  I told mine at the very beginning that I really wanted to grow my hair and that no matter how much I kicked and screamed {really…}, he wasn’t to cut it.

:: A good diet and drink plenty of water…I don’t have the best of diets and don’t drink enough water…but I read this somewhere.  Avocado’s and eggs are really good too.

:: Eggs are even better ON your hair.  I saw one homemade mask recipe online which uses 2 eggs and 4 tablespoons of olive oil, worth a try?  Also warm oil massages are good too.

:: Headbands!  I wore one in my hair constantly for about 6 months while it was at that awkward stage.

:: This is a good visual on how to grow your hair.

:: Protect your hair from the sun…easily done in Wales ;)

Got any of your own tips to share?  On styling or growing your hair?  Leave a comment!

One thought on “Easy hairstyles, according to Pinterest and tips on growing your hair.

  1. Love this post and the tip on sun protection not being a problem made me laugh. A friend years ago used something called Hair Food if I’m not mistaken that really worked. A good multi vit will help. I’ve always had long hair, really wouldn’t suit me short but you rock both looks, gorgeous pics here. I think regular trims help, coconut oil leave in treatments and gentle shampoo and conditioner, kind colour so no bleach and chlorine isn’t great either. Thanks for linking up to #fashionfriday x

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