Pump o’r Penwythnos

{Five from the Weekend}

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Un.  New flowers…even if I’m not quite sure what they are.

Dau.  Owen {my nephew} came to stay with Alf for the night on Friday.  Whilst I was tucking them in, there was a long and very cute debate about the door being open/closed during the  night.

Tri.  Lazy walks and then an energetic game of football leaving us all in need of hot chocolates and coffees to warm our hands up.

Pedwar.  Robb decided he wanted to ”bake something that’s never been baked before…like some sort of discovery, Mam!”…{reason 6524582165495 why I love this boy!} unfortunately, we didn’t bake {or discover}  a single thing.  But we did manage to find a new pudding to bake during our rummage through some recipe books.  Once we’ve finished the pudding that is in the fridge…*ahem*…I intend on trying the ‘Lovely Lemony Curd Pud’ from Jamie Oliver’s ‘happy days with the naked chef’ book, which I got by pure chance as Mam was about to get rid of it!

Pump.  Keeping the best til last.  My sweet, sweet, cuddly Alf.  He got into bed with me last night while I was reading.  He turned to me and said ”Mam, smell there {pointing to Paul’s side of the duvet}, I can smell Dad.  I guess I will dream about him now”…sweet dreams bach, sweet dreams.

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