{A Treasured Photograph} Chosen By My Dad


”When your kids are ill with cancer, it gives you a hell of a fright.  It makes you realise just how much your family means to you.  Every day for about 4 months Dion travelled to The Christie for radiotherapy.  Dion came to know the Doctors and Nurses there very well and they were so good with him.  It’s an excellent hospital.  Dion was marvellous throughout it all himself too.  The people of Llandrillo and surrounding Llan were all good with him and donating when we started fundraising for the Christie.  Cerys raised money by running the Manchester 10k and with further donations we raised around £2000.  This photo is Dion presenting the cheque to the Nurses in the scan department at The Christie, following his treatment there.”

Did you know today is the official World Cancer Day 2015?  Well, it is.  Donate, raise awareness or register for that fundraising event you’ve been thinking about.  I intend to.


You, reading this now!  I would love to feature your ‘treasured photograph’ on this blog of mine!  It can be of anything or anyone and you can say as little or as much as you want about the photograph, just as long as it is one that you treasure.  Let me know if you are interested.  Or I will hunt you down.  Joking.  Sort of…

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