{Running Diaries} 15 Songs that i love to run to


Nothing like some good tunes to get you picking those knees up higher, helping you finish that last mile or to make you punch your fist in the air, sing out loud and realise just how much you love what you are doing.  So here’s my 15 songs that I love to run to {I could have easily doubled this number}:

1 Come With Me – Special D…also takes me back to being 15 years old!

2 Dog Days Are Over – Florence + The Machine

3 Evacuate the Dancefloor – Cascada…also reminds me of the club in Ruthin.  Not at 15…ahem.

4 Kiesza – Hideaway

5 Morgi Mawr Gwyn – Mr Huw

6 Nobody To Love – Sigma..my best mile ALWAYS when this song comes on.

7 Poison – Groove Coverage

8 Prayer in C – (Robin Schulz & LILLYWOOD)

9 Whiskey in the Jar – Metallica

10 Some Nights – Fun

11 These Days – Take That

12 Try – Pink

13 Ugly Heart – G. R. L

14 Wake Me Up – Avicii

15 Walk This Way – Run-DMC

Got any other songs you think I should have on my running playlist?  

Once the bois bach have gone to school, I intend on hitting play and getting out there.

Have a great weekend, I can’t wait for ours!

4 thoughts on “{Running Diaries} 15 Songs that i love to run to

  1. Dog Days are Over is THE best running song, ever. FACT! I’ve had a too-long break from running over the Winter. I’m itching to get back out there now. Do you mind if I steal your post and write my own version? It might get me moving again :)

  2. Hmm this has made me want to download some new music for my ipod. I have to have music when I run but I just keep playing the same old cr*p ministry of sound that’s been on there for ages! Must get my arse in gear as it really does enhance the experience when you have great music to listen to. xx

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