{captured} A misty morning and 8 things we do when Paul isn’t here.

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But it does make for a sexy photo, doesn’t it?!

Paul commented over the weekend something along the lines of “do you have to photograph everything these days?!”.  But, in his defence, I was taking a photo of my coffee.  Or flat white if we want to be really posh/trendy/blah. When I had in fact ordered just a plain latte.  Anyway, lesson learnt from this?  Flat white is much nicer.  And prettier.  And Instagram loves this shit!  I got a lot of love for that flat white coffee shot.  Anyway, this photo.  As I parked the car on the side of the road, checked there was no traffic coming, knelt down on the road to get ‘the shot’, I suddenly thought of Paul and what he would think of me now.  Which then made me think of all the things that we do when he isn’t here.  Because this is how my mind works.  So, just because, here’s a list {for laughs de…none of this should be taken seriously, Paul Lowe};

:: I hear E V E R Y sound throughout the night.  And A L W A Y S think the worst.  A dog barking somewhere?  This means there is definitely, without a doubt, the biggest and bestest {not even a word} burglar on my roof, waiting to pounce.

:: When I get in from work at 5pm and there is no where else I, or the bois need to be, I get into my pyjamas.  Not before I have locked the front door…because of said burglars.

:: We eat breakfast in the living room.  Unless it’s pancakes.  Which is 99% of the time, so don’t stress, Paul.

:: We get fed by others i.e. my mam and dad or the in-laws.  And there’s always pudding when we go to the in-law’s, which Gra likes to remind us doesn’t happen unless there are visitors.  And mash.  Because mash is Alf’s fave and not Gra’s there is always mash.  ha!

:: When we do feed ourselves…it can be quite bad.  One night this week my tea has actually been some cheese followed by a fab…don’t tell my mam!

:: There is always 3-in-a-bed.  And I am always the one at the bottom of the bed, scrunched up in a very uncomfortable ball, waking every hour.  Robb and Alf seem to have the best night’s sleep E V E R.

:: I talk to the dog far too much.

:: Wine.

Tell me something you do when your partner isn’t home?

One thought on “{captured} A misty morning and 8 things we do when Paul isn’t here.

  1. That is a sexy photo. Well worth the risk of being run over in my opinion. When my husband is away I like to watch scary stuff on the television before bed and then spend all night too terrified to turn the lights out.

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