To All You Parents On the Sideline

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

To you on my left.  I know, I’m cold too.  To you on my right, I can’t feel my toes, either.  To those of you on the other side of the pitch, supporting the other team.  We nod at each other, roll our eyes and do the ‘what are we thinking face’.  That’s when we haven’t got the wind and rain in our faces.

To you going to grab that third cup of tea, I thought {hoped} the game might have been cancelled, too.

If only he’d score a goal, it might make it all that little bit better.

To the man who muttered ”There still 5 minutes left?!  Is he sure about that?!”  I hear you.

To all of you parents on the sideline.  Here’s a group hug and words of encouragement about sorting out the muddy kit.

To all of you parents on the sideline, See you all next weekend! ;)

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12 thoughts on “To All You Parents On the Sideline

  1. Yep, I am one of those Mum’s…. through all the cold winter months I am there, willing them to win and for the time to pass quickly. The downside of them getting older is the games get longer…. and longer….. and longer.


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