A week without washing my hair…and more mascara to add to my collection.


A few weeks back, the bois bach and I went up to Newcastle to visit Paul for the weekend while he was on a course there.  Want to know what I came back with?…{apart from tired bois and wine stained jeans, thanks to a sudden jolt on the train…}  A shower cap.  Not even one I’d bought!  One that accidentally fell into my make up bag just before we left the hotel.  How can something so daft bring me so much joy?!  It’s daft.  I’m daft.  This whole blog post is daft.  I’ve said daft too many times now, is it even a word?!…

So, a few weeks in and that shower cap is still going strong.  This week even more so, as I have decided to go a whole week without washing my hair.  {I just scream rock n’ roll, don’t I?!…}  And the photo above shows my hair on Day 4.  I can definitely see a difference since I stopped washing it so often.  AND, more importantly, it seems to be having a bit of a growth spurt!  Not bad, eh?  What is bad, and also funny, is Alf’s reaction when I go to grab the dry shampoo out of the bathroom cabinet.  With a roll of his eyes, he starts shaking his head and saying “uh oh, not that stuff again!”.  Let’s just not get Paul started on the stuff…to quote him “not only is there hundred’s of half empty bottles of shampoo in the bathroom, you’ve now got loads of D R Y Shampoo??!!”…ha!  

THIS is the length I am aiming for.  Only so that I can do that cute pony tail on Day 3.  And THIS is the mascara I’m wearing here, I may have bought two at the same time I love it that much.

Let’s see what the next few days bring.  How long have you gone without washing your hair?

6 thoughts on “A week without washing my hair…and more mascara to add to my collection.

  1. I also only wash my hair once a week now, so much quicker and my hair is loads better, not as dry. I have a duck shaped shower cap. It’s getting a bit smelly so I asked someone who happened to be going to a discount store could she get me one (for some reason that’s the only other place than hotels I see them) – she looked at me funny and said – they don’t make them anymore do they!?…..

  2. Your hair looks really healthy. It’s a twist of fate from the mischievous hair faerie :o) My bloke is the same when it comes to my dry shampoo “Why does the air in the bathroom taste like chemicals and smell of pineapples?” I only wash mine every 10 days, that’s all my hair needs. Your makeup looks perfect btw.

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