And that was February!


And just like that, February is nearly done.  There was no word of warning, no reminder that another month is done and dusted.  More of a ‘why are we suddenly discussing St David’s day?…it’s on Sunday?!  Really?!’…oh.

So yeah, that was February.  

A bit of this, a bit of that.  A highlight for me {apart from Newcastle, pictured}, has to be a night at the cinema with the girls, aka the good old gang…aka the quiet one, the filthy mouthed one, the tiny one, the sweet one, the mad as a hatter one, the one that speaks way too fast, the one that pisses herself laughing {yes, really} and me.  I haven’t laughed like we did that night in a while.  Trying your best not to laugh out loud in the cinema is the best and the worst feeling all rolled into one.  Painful as you try not to breathe because you know you’re going to howl, but you also want to let it all out and let everyone know that these girls that you are with right now?  They don’t get any better.  All the laughs, spats, bus stop shenanigans, hooch, first boyfriends, dance offs, hen do’s, having kids of our own, moving away…when we’re all together again, it’s like these last 15-20 years never happened and we’re all sitting up in Wendy’s bedroom, getting ready for our next night out while Wend scrunches her hair.  I was always jealous of her hair.  If any of you are reading this now; I love you, you’re the best.

Anyway, it’s late and it’s the weekend.    Have a great one!  My weekend has started off with a very burnt, black as the ace of spades tea…it can only get better, right?

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