Classical Mosaic with Tricia Jones

…or Trish Bod Erw, as we all know her.


We were lucky enough to spend a couple of days at Trish’s studio at Bod Erw in Llandrillo.  She was very brave and invited all 8 of us {3 adults, 5 kids} to join her to make our very own mosaic piece.  I don’t think any of us expected to enjoy it as much as we did.


After our warm welcome and a quick catch up on who’s doing what and where…{it’s been way too long!}…a few nervous glances were had between Low and I, once we realised there were others with us in the studio…because, two words ALFIE and OWEN!  We shouldn’t have worried, they were just as eager as the rest of us to get going.  Plus the other ladies in the studio were great fun, too.

DSC06989 drawing collage

Trish talked us through each step.  The above photos show us drawing around our mosaic board and then drawing our design onto the paper.  Trish also filled us all in on her background with this ancient art form.  I was intrigued to hear whether people came to the studio with a plate handed down from their Great Grandparents, or something similar, to be made into a piece of mosaic.  Mam was kicking herself when we learnt that people do this, as she’d only the other day accidentally broken one of her Mother’s favourite mugs.  Which she is still reminding Mam about…! ;)


The next step: using carbon paper, we traced our design onto our block of wood.



As soon as Trish got the tile cutter out to give us a demonstration, the kids couldn’t wait to try it out!

DSC07015 DSC07018 DSC07016

Then we were told to hunt down our colours that we wanted to use.  We all loved having a good rummage through her store of broken {and in some cases, ready to be broken} mugs, plates, vases etc. etc.


Top Right: Ella wasn’t too keen when one lady started to smash her tiles!


We also used a smaller tile cutter for the type of tiles we were using.  Can you guess what it is yet…?!


Geek alert! ;)

DSC07029 DSC07028

Again…can you guess what it is yet?  Here we are gluing our tiles to our boards.  Once everyone had finished gluing their pieces, Trish did a “duh duh duuuuuhh!” moment with them all which involved holding the mosaic up to ensure that there weren’t any loose pieces.  Needless to say, everyone got involved in this bit…”duh duh duuuuuuhhhh!” moments all around!


Something else we weren’t expecting when we arrived, was a homemade and seriously tasty lunch!  We had homemade soup to start followed by pizza straight from the pizza oven in Trish’s garden…obviously finished off with a mosaic pattern!  There aren’t any photos of lunch because, and this is a huge compliment to the chef, it looked and tasted that good, it wasn’t on the plate long enough!


…but here’s a couple of slices of the pizza I managed to get in these photos with these clowns.


All finished and waiting to be grouted.

TEN POINTS if you can guess what the one on the top right is?…or any of them for that matter?!  ;)   We left them overnight to dry and came back to do the grouting…the part I was most looking forward to.


The ‘tongue of concentration’ is back!  Here’s Robb taking extra care with his piece and Kira below.


A lot of love went into this.  We may have grouted and then grouted again…you know, just to make sure…


Ella had done hers slightly differently to ours {you always get one…;) } so her grouting was done slightly different.  Here, she is brushing it off following sprinkling hers with the white powder {I forget what Trish called it now} and spraying it with water.


Once it had dried a little, it was time to remove the excess.  It was as therapeutic as the grouting itself.  I can see why Trish is sometimes sat there all evening with a bottle of red wine now ;)  Once all of the excess had been removed, it was time to put them to one side to leave them dry out completely.


Trish and the gang.  A massive Diolch to Trish for having us.  We all loved it and are very pleased with how they all turned out, which you will get to see tomorrow along with Trish’s own work…there are teapots hanging from the ceiling!  Make sure you come back to check that out.  That’s not me saying our work is as good as, and needs to be next to Trish’s {haa! as if!}, it’s just I haven’t got a photo of them all together yet!

We definitely recommend Trish and her Classical Mosaic.  We’re just sad to hear that she will be moving soon, but she will be taking her work and classes to her new studio.  So, don’t let that put you off!

Diolch yn fawr again for having us, Trish.

3 thoughts on “Classical Mosaic with Tricia Jones

  1. Cerys you are an absolute star! Don’t you know it was a joy to have you and your family over to work the mosaic magic??? A joy!! Your youngsters were all well mannered, creative, clever little people. You, Lowri and Nain should be very, very proud.
    I loved every minute. Hurry back anytime!! T. xx

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