A Few Firsts

So, this happened today.  Blue skies and windows WIDE OPEN!  If I can’t be out in it all day…then I’m going to try my best to let it all in the office.  Today really felt like Spring had arrived in all it’s glory, didn’t it?  I’m told it’s just fooling us all a bit and the weather is going to turn not-so-nice for a while again…but let’s pretend we didn’t hear that, shall we?

A few other first’s have been all the daffodils, tulips and just more pretty flowers, mini Easter Eggs making their way into bois pockets which then end up in my car…which then end up fixing my 3pm sugar rush, pointing out the lamb’s in the field to my friend’s daughter on a walk, morning runs {AMEN!}, the bois being able to play out til early evening…just take a look at our front lawn, bike rides where jackets were taken off and my favourite lunch, cheese, avocado and crackers.

What’s been your first signs of Spring?

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