{captured} My favourite moment from the Eclipse


…and possibly my favourite photo this year yet.  Robb in his element using his very own handmade pinhole box to view the Eclipse.

As soon as I saw the clear sky this morning, I decided that Robb and Alf were coming with me to see the Eclipse today I, along with others in the office, had arranged to go up the mountain to get a good view of it.  I hadn’t heard if the school’s were doing anything or not, therefore thought this would be great for them.  I wasn’t wrong.  We went up there with our ‘pinhole box’ and other equipment that the men had, found a good spot and watched it all happen.  It didn’t get as dark as we’d hoped, just enough to notice it and the temperature too.

Alf managed to make everyone laugh with his running commentary and wit on EVERYTHING…and everyone.  And during one of his moments, I happened to look around and find Robb doing his thing, resulting in the above photo.  I LOVE IT.

Bois Bach de chi werth y byd.

Thanks to the lads in the office too!


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall 

12 thoughts on “{captured} My favourite moment from the Eclipse

  1. A stunning photo and so atmospheric, the light looks about the same as here. I have a photo of my Tripod and camera pointing skyward in similar light but not a patch on your photo and wow to the homemade pin hole box!

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