If a photo was to sum up our Saturday, it would be this one.


Alf asleep on my lap.  *Hang on, I’m going to repeat that*…Alf asleep on my lap.  {With lots of dog hair too, judging by this photo.}  Because, I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember the last time this happened…6 hours later and sadly, I still can’t quite remember.  As cuddly as he is, napping on your lap is not the done thing when you’re 7 year old Alfie Lowe.  So we knew something* was up with him when he asked to wear a coat when we were heading outside!  Alf will just about wear a coat in the middle of winter.

Anyway, that nap, I soaked that nap up like it was the last one on Earth.  In awe of those cute little freckles, the lovely long lashes and those soft, sweet cheeks.

*Places more orders for ‘Alf asleep on laps’…and make them good ones.  Preferably one’s where Wales wins the 6 Nations too.

*That something has just come back up in the mop bucket.  Nice.

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