Taking Stock : Bois Bach Style

 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

making the most out of this weather and these goggles…Alf’s face though!

drinking all the hot chocolate for Alf and tea with one brown sugar for Robb.

reading  everything!  Alf’s reading has come on loads and it makes me so happy to hear him reading anything and everything {signs, shop names and posters etc.} while out and about.  Robb, my favourite bookworm, has just finished ‘The Dream Snatcher’ and really enjoyed it.  Back onto Spooks straight away after finishing it, too.

wanting for lunch; a bowl of custard with strawberries for one and a bowl of beans with a babybell on top for the other.  It’s Sunday, I’m feeling lazy…they had it.

wishing ”that no one be grumpy” said Alfie and ”I was in my new bedroom” said Robb when I asked them just now.

enjoying not being in school.  I’m not sure if I agree…will let you know in about two weeks ;)

loving doing handstands in the swimming pool.  But they’ll NEVER beat me…not that I’m competitive or anything…especially with a 7 year old…

hoping to get away with washing and brushing their teeth today, no doubt.

wearing these goggles to swim…and still in their onesie’s right now.

knowing how to wind each other up.  Oh, they’ve got this one down to a tee.

feeling ”normal” and ”really well, thanks!” when I just asked them now.

giggling at boobies in the papers, apparently.  *insert monkey hiding it’s face emoji here*

watching Wrexham FC in a cup final on the telly right now!  That’s the next couple of hours sorted.

Happy Sunday!

Bois bach de chi werth y byd xx

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