These two…


One not knowing I was taking his photo and the other asking me to.

…take a wild guess as to which was which.

bois bach, de chi werth y byd a mwy.

{It was pointed out on social media the other day that I shouldn’t be forcing my kids into dangerous places for the “best photo”.  I would NEVER put any of my kids {or anyone for that matter!} in any danger for the sake of the perfect photo.  Just pointing that out.  Diolch.}

Living Arrows         Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

15 thoughts on “These two…

    1. Alf is the cheekiest of the lot! Unfortunately, he took a tumble in school yesterday and it would probably hurt him to do this expression at the moment, poor bugger! Thanks for your comment xx

  1. I love that first photo, it is just what my boys would do and I’d be shouting at them to come back away from the cliff edge and stop scaring me while they would ignore me and say “chill mother” I can just see it all. You can see all his weight safely on land, so he is safe, though I know I would still worry. Awesome photos, thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

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