A mooch around Ruthin Craft Centre

   Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Once in a while, the bois bach and I will head to Ruthin Craft Centre.  {You know those days where it’s raining, you haven’t got anything planned and don’t want the day’s outing to be to Tesco in Ruthin?…throw in a mooch around the craft centre, followed by hot chocolate and cake in Café R and THEN Tesco’s…it’s something, right?!


 It is what it is.  It was nice {I nearly said pleasant then but that sounds way too posh for me}…but the coconut and raspberry sponge was well worth all the “Mam, should I whisper or just talk normally?”  x100 from Alf.  During our mooch, we were trying to remember the name of the artist we got to meet {and his autograph!}  the last time we were here…I remembered on the way home {Rodney Peppe}, but up until then I was just shouting out random footballer’s names!

But that was nothing compared to what Robb did on our way around.  We spotted something going on in one of the studio’s and in his haste to see what was going on, he headbutted the window. Only a class full of students witnessed it…!


Is it a bird, is it a plane?!  Nope, just me, Mam.  Caru ti hefyd, Alfie Bach.


Throwing some shapes…I promise you I’m making a peace sign and not giving my kids the V’s…


This is me dying inside really but trying to laugh it off when Robb informed me there was cctv in here AFTER I’d been throwing a few more other shapes…

Alf had us in stitches at one point.  He was reading up on one of the pieces…and of course, being Alf, decided he wasn’t going to whisper at this point, so read out very proudly “The key stands for great suckers…”  Success!  He meant to say success.  Anyway, that was soon forgot about when I found them both like this…

Just casually chatting about what was going on around them and Robb explaining stuff to Alf.  I could’ve watched them like this for the rest of the day…but that wasn’t going to get the cupboards stocked up now, was it?  Especially when you’re hosting a friend who likes to eat all the food and drink all the wine.

Bois Bach de chi werth y byd a mwy xxxx


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