They said it would be easy…DIY Mini Jewellery Dish

Do you ever see anything {DIY, cooking, hairstyle etc.} and think you’d love to give that a go and see if it really is as easy as they say it is?  Yeah, me too.  All the time.  So, from now on, I’m going to give them a go.  Starting with this one…Mini Jewellery Dish made out of a box lid.  {See Katy, I did do something with my Chrismas Prezzie…well, the lids anyway!}.

Paper and Stitch has been a favourite of mine for a while now.  All the pretty stuff in one place.

So, if you fancy giving this a go, head here for the full instructions.  I cheated a bit though and used nail varnish instead of the paint {thanks to Ella, my niece.  But I’m sure it was once mine…so technically, I borrowed it to her ;) 

And this is how it looks on my bedside table;

…just making sure you all see that ‘caru ti mam’ heart that a couple of sweet bois bach gave me ;)

Am I happy with the result?  Yes, definitely! I’m glad I went for the metallic varnish.

Was it easy?  Very much so. 

Did I learn any new skills etc.?  Not really…but this will mean I won’t be scrambling along the floor in the mornings looking for a hairpin.

Would I recommend it to others to try?  Yes.  Your husbands/partners will thank me for it ;)

Do you DIY?  Have you made something similar?


To cut a very, very long story short {believe me, I’ve typed it up twice and then deleted it because it was just too much waffling!}, I got talking with someone who I grew up with and hadn’t seen in a while the other day.  After a long catch up, we got talking about having more kids, our hobbies; old ones and discovering new ones, doing something for yourself, etc.  And since then, I’ve not stopped thinking about our conversation.  I think the point I’m getting at is that I’m happy where I and my family are at right now.  We’ve all got our own thing we like doing, the bois are at a nice stage where they can do whatever they want {to an extent obviously, 12 and 7…}.  Bloody hell, Paul and I even managed a full half hour uninterrupted conversation over a glass of wine the other afternoon.  And I think this is where this {hopefully!} ”they said it would be easy” series grew from.  Taking that time out to try something new, i.e a recipe, hairstyle etc. for me, because these days, I’ve got more time for me.    Even if that is to faff about painting lids with nail varnish… ;)

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