A Modern Family // The Lowe’s

Matalan have recently launched a new TV ad, featuring real life families as well conducted national research to explore how family life is changing in the modern era.   Click here to see the advert.

Matalan say, “Since we first opened our doors 30 years ago, we’ve always focused on providing outstanding value and quality for families. We take the time to listen, understand and evolve, to ensure our products are the right fit for modern, happy homes. Our latest campaign, Made for Modern Families, is a celebration of family life today, in all its shapes and sizes.”

So, along with Matalan and Mumsnet’s #MatalanModernFamilies campaign, here’s what our Modern Family looks like; The Lowe’s…

DSC07631 b


Yes, we all look like we’re doing our own thing and not “together” but that, my friends, is far from it as we are very much together, but this, doing what pleases ourselves, is very much us. We’ve all got our own “thing” going on {football, tablets, biking…is mascara a ‘thing’?!…} but come tea time, EVERYTHING gets dropped and that’s why I always look forward to this time in our house.  A chance to sit together and talk about our day.

Like the survey suggests, Grandparents are playing a BIG part in our day to day lives as they have the boys after school, so once i’ve picked them up and we all get home from our day…we all start doing our own thing.  Robb will head out with his mates {once he’s got off the loo…but that’s another post!}, Alf will head out for a game of footie {ensuring every part of him is covered in mud}, Paul won’t be home for another couple of hours {I’d love to say because of his biking but unfortunately, 90% of the time is because of his work}, leaving me to sort tea out, do other stuff around the house, maybe get ready for something that’s on that evening or, if I’m really lucky, grab half an hour to read a book or catch up on some blogs.

Come the weekend, we try to have one full day together and then Sunday is all about the football and biking.  Alf will have a game or training session somewhere and Paul will be out with his other woman*…or like he tells me, “Cer, you’re the other woman”

{*his bike, if you start worrying Mam!}.

And that is our modern family.  Very busy, very full on but very much us Lowe’s.  My Favourite of the lot ;)

Head here to share your own favourite family photo.  Here’s one I found earlier:

Jones Family

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