They said it would be easy…heart shaped nail art diy


I’m not a big fan of nail varnish on myself.  I mean, sausage fingers, HELLO!  But I would still go and buy all the colours that took my fancy, paint it on, like it for about a day and then just take it all off again.  One thing that sticks in my head is being out one night and someone commenting on my nails, it went something like this “Pam ffwc tisio’s stwff ‘ne ar dy winedd?” translated: “Why the fuck would you want that stuff on your nails?”...AND it was a farmer!*  So, yes, maybe my dislike on my nails stems back to then…a farmer, of all people, commenting on my nail varnish…

But simple nails, I like.  {Read as: not so much attention to the sausage fingers, I like.}.  And they don’t come much simpler than this.

If you look very closely on the photo above, you can see it.  Here’s a close up:

You can see the instructions here.

Am I happy with the result?  Yes!…until a certain someone came in covered from head to toe in mud and wanted help taking his footie socks off…the nails were lovely while they lasted.

Was it easy?  Yes…but I did have to practice first on a piece of paper.

Did I learn any new skills etc.?  No…but maybe Alf can learn to remove said footie socks off?

Would I recommend it to others to try?  Yes.  It’s so pretty!

Do you DIY?  Have you had a go at something similar?

* no farmers were injured during this conversation.


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