My 500th post?!

celebrating 500 posts

God Love You if you have been here with me since the beginning!!

500 posts…it just seemed like something that needed celebrating…

500 posts of me going on and on…photo after photo…trying to keep up with that blog…regretting that post…wishing I’d thought of that idea earlier…growing with confidence…{I think that must be an age thing though, because the 30’s?  I love them!}…but more importantly just loving this little place of mine and everything that comes with blogging.

I’m excited to see what the next 500 bring!

So, for those of you who ‘like’ and comment on here, on facebook, twitterinstagram etc. and even face-to-face…{shock, horror!! with social media today, that still happens ;)… DIOLCH!

Diolch yn fawr iawn!  X  I’m off to grab a glass of wine to celebrate…like I need an excuse?!  ;) 

celebrating 500 2


10 thoughts on “My 500th post?!

  1. Awesome! Good job! I’m thrilled to have started blogging myself…getting my thoughts down and sharing them has been really therapeutic and good for the soul…even if they are all about makeup, clothes and shoes.

      1. Hahaha! Funny how those two go hand in hand. I started following this blogger Melissa Soldera (Cocktails and Luxury) and followed her instagram, and since doing that, my shopping has tripled. SIGH!!! LOL!

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