{captured} The Bois

It isn’t a walk to the woods without the laser guns


“Robb made it go really fast, Mam!”


Robb: “Can we get a quad bike?!”

Alfie: The way he squirts his sos coch {ketchup} on his food needs to be documented!  It involves using his head…

Robb: “Pleeeeeeease can we get a quad bike?”

Alfie: Whilst down at the river on Sunday, I walked over to check on him and Owen, who was desperate for the loo.  I told him the toilets were open and to run, quickly!  To which Alf replied…”But I’ve just collected all those leaves for him so that he had something to wipe himself with!…”…thank God I arrived when I did!

Robb: “I’ve found some quad bikes on ebay…”

Alfie: After I’d said good night to him last night, I could hear him in his bedroom whispering to himself how they would “defeat the other team in football”…

Robb: “Maybe Alf and I could get one between us for our birthdays?”…

Alfie: “You are one of the best Mams I’ve ever had!”…Cheers Alf…I think?!

Bois Bach, de chi werth y byd a mwy.

Living Arrows      Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

7 thoughts on “{captured} The Bois

  1. Boys do love their toys, something they never grow out of I’ve discovered! Mine had a quad bike they used to tear around the farm on and terrify me, those laser guns look perfect for a boy led woodland walk! Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. This looks epic. My husband can’t wait to have my little boy grow up and be able to do all this with him. With three girls I have plenty of people to play dress up and go to the spa with. I love these photos. They just epitomise what it means to be a boy to me. Great captures #livingarrows

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