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I hadn’t seen Tasha in years and bumped into her at a Vintage Fair we were both at.  I was blogging about it and she was the photographer there for the day.  That evening, I went home and googled her and fell in awe of her photography and skills.  I mentioned to her about doing an ‘interview’ for the blog and FINALLY, God knows how many months later, I got my backside into gear…and here it is.

Tell me a bit about yourself

I’m Tash and if I don’t have my “customer service” head on I’m really a bit (very) awkward, the 😁 emoji is my bff.  When I’m working I can, and will talk for Wales as I’m sure my clients will vouch for!  However, when I’m off duty and/or in unfamiliar surroundings, I’m really very introverted and have very little to say.  I get anxious at the thought of making conversation and have been told I look “moody”.  In reality, I’m probably thinking about a cute animal video I watched that day on Facebook…

image (2) (Medium)

I have 2 amazing boys that drive everything I do. As cliché as it sounds they truly are my biggest achievement.

…and now your business, Love Luella Photography

I started Love Luella out of the blue in June 2013.  Growing up, I was always the one in the gang with a disposable camera to embarrass everyone a week later with a pack of prints from the chemist!  I was, and probably still am, obsessed with freezing time & collecting memories.  I realised quite young that nothing lasts forever, but pictures last a long time.

image (6) (Medium)

I had spent 7 years at the customer service desk in Tesco, Ruthin and thoroughly enjoyed interacting with customers. It built my confidence & helped me learn to manage lots of anxieties.

Over the years on various social media, people began commenting on my photos, asking how I achieved the overall look or what I used to edit, what camera I had etc.  It didn’t occur to me that I should pursue it – I was “comfortable” with my routine.

While on maternity leave with my second son I literally woke up one day and decided I was going to give photography a go.  I had no confidence or idea if it would be well received or if I would embarrass myself as I usually did, so I decided against using my name & over the course of two weeks started my business in my bedroom. My mind frame at the time was something along the lines of, if it goes bad – nobody will know it’s me & I have a job anyway so it’s ok!

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How did you come about the name, Love Luella?

I didn’t have the confidence to use my name, so I used something personal to me instead.

How did you get into photography…{and why weren’t you around when I was having my bois – I’d have jumped at the chance to do the ”Watch me Grow” package!}

I won my first Canon camera in a “spitting image” newspaper competition, I don’t know exactly how old I was but I think I was 8 or 9. After I broke it 😫, I purchased endless disposables with my pocket money.

image (1) (Medium)

Personal family loss sent my natural interest into overdrive. I wanted to capture every memory, every person, everything I could, all the time.

What’s your favourite event to shoot?

I don’t have a favourite, I’m so happy to be asked to do anything, but I’m really enjoying my new Feel Good Photography project at the moment.  Embracing people’s beauty & personality in pictures for them to keep.  It’s a real confidence boost for ladies especially and a great memento for any time in your life.  I’ve always wanted to photograph birth stories, I’m naturally drawn to maternity, babies & children, hence my Watch Me Grow packages, that I love so much.

image (4) (Medium)

Hopefully, birth photography will be happening soon – what a privilege that would be!

There must be a lot of pressure to ensure everything goes smoothly on Wedding days etc…how do you relax before/after?…or maybe you don’t?!

I’m a “natural photographer”. I like to go along with the events of the day in an unobtrusive manner.  The less formal and set, posed family photos the better.  Laughter, tears and unseen moments are more my style.  I don’t take on many weddings per year, so it never gets too stressful and I don’t miss quality time with my own little family.

image (5) (Medium)

Brides & grooms often become friends and I take each one to heart.  The fact they’ve looked at superbly composed, edited and dramatically good photos out there & come to me, means more than I can ever say.

The only thing I always do before a wedding is religiously check my equipment (sometimes 5/6 times!) and “try” to sleep well the night before, sometimes my boys have other ideas!

I get a good luck sŵs off Milo & a good luck hug off Kai before I go, always.

image (7) (Medium)

You’ve obviously got a way with making people feel relaxed in front of the camera, how do you do this?

I don’t have a set method or have any preconceptions of anyone prior to meeting them.  I talk, I ask questions, I get nervous and awkward (especially before and during any hand shake!), I make inappropriate jokes and people sometimes laugh.  While they are laughing at me, I’m clicking away at them.  It’s a two way street.

I never shout, I never demand.  I have realistic expectations and aim for my clients to enjoy the experience as much as possible.

Who are easier to work with, adults or kids?!

Both have pros, both have cons!

image (8) (Medium)

Seriously though, it depends on the type of photography and the individual.  I do love playing with children & interacting with them, bringing their personality out and helping them to gain confidence in front of my big scary camera.

I try my best with my photos for this little blog of mine, got any tips on photographing kids?

I think your photos are great & all blend with your signature style. {THANKS TASH!}.  I don’t think I’m in a position to offer tips yet but I do feel photographing children when they aren’t aware produces the best results.

Will I be seeing you at the Good Life Experience this year?  Or anything similar?

I am definitely attending The Good Life Experience this year, I can’t wait.  I went last year and I really enjoyed the atmosphere & vibe.  There’s so much to do there, I think it’s a really positive thing for North Wales.

image (3) (Medium)

Do you do Wedding fair’s or the like?  Tell us where we can come see your work and meet you.

I’ve not done a wedding fair yet.  I’ve been lucky enough to secure all my business via word of mouth, Facebook and my website so far.  I may give one a go in 2016 but just the idea of that is another anxiety hurdle to conquer.

In the meantime lots of my work is online at www.facebook.com/loveluellaphotography or I’m always happy to meet people for a coffee.

You’re also involved with IGERSWALES? Explain what it is & how it came about.

IGersWales is Wales’ Instagram hub.  I’m so passionate about it.

I had wanted to re-launch IGersWales from the moment it stopped as had Steve Dimmick; there are hubs for every area in the UK so it made perfect sense to keep Wales’ going.  We decided to team up, Steve living in South Wales & me in North Wales.  It gives a good unbiased view of all things Wales has to offer.


Some of the photos with the igerswales hashtag

IGersWales is for everyone. Whether you’re living in, or visiting this beautiful country. There are no rules or regulations it’s simply a hub celebrating this beautiful place you and I call home.  Getting involved is easy.  Just tag your images #igerswales.  People may have missed something you share that is here to be discovered.  They can also be seen from your point of view.  I, for one, find it inspiring watching the tag grow, a place I may have visited can look completely different from someone else’s perspective and I have also discovered many places I have now added to my “places to visit” list.

I didn’t expect Love Luella Photography to become anything more than a hobby. I am super grateful that I get to call this a job.

facebook / website / instagram


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