{read} Hey Natalie Jean

Being the “kindle lover” that I am, I have to admit it felt pretty good to have an actual, real book to read.  Being the hey natalie jean blog reader” that I am, I couldn’t have picked a better read as my actual, real book.  I debated whether to buy this {I’m not actually sure why?!…} but two weeks after it was released, I caved in.  I think that glass of wine whilst on amazon helped with my decision…as it always does when online shopping ;)

^^ Nevermind being French…I was just want to be this effin’ cool!^^

Hey Natalie Jean; Advice, Musings and Inspiration on Marriage, Motherhood and Style : is all of the above written in the wonderfully witty, inspiring and honest way she has with words.  With chapters titled ‘On Motherhood This Very Minute’, ‘False Lashes’ and ‘On Tidying’ and probably my favourite chapter of them all ‘Huck The Scorpio’.  I was going to write “I could read that chapter again and again”…but I did, straight after I read it the first time.  What is it about birth stories?!  I LOVE them!

It slowly became a book that I really wanted to read, if that makes sense?  I would only pick it up knowing I wasn’t going to be interrupted…and I’m so glad I did it that way.

Here are some gems I wrote down as I read it;

“It’s a party everyday, if you want it to be”

“As his heavy eyes droop toward sleep, I swear I can see sword fights & pirate ships as they sail across his eyelids”

“Farting in a middle of an argument is always a good idea”

“I had her in my back pocket.  She carried me in her purse”

“I like for my life to be beautiful”

“Fifth day hair is like walking sex”

That last one?  Genius!

And the chapter “Love Letter to a Uniform”…I’ve suddenly noticed a change in my wardrobe.  And I’m loving it.

{serious face: unfortunately, hey natalie jean has nothing to do with this little blog of mine, nor have I been paid millions for this review, it’s just a book that I loved reading and wanted to share with you all}

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