{around here} Five Minutes with Phantom Runners

There’s something about hearing that someone you grew up with are doing really well in whatever path they chose.  Especially, when it’s something as exciting as being in a band which is doing really well!  Sadly, I’d lost touch with Adam, but when we were at his Mother’s doing mosaic, she told us all about the band Adam was in, Phantom Runners.

It didn’t take long {that afternoon!} for me to find them on soundcloud and spotify to have a listen.  The result?  They sound great!  Laserbeam is a favourite and is getting a lot good reviews;

”Cruises through its sun-tanned three minutes with mellow ease.  Guitar pop music rarely comes as effortless as this.” Q magazine.

”A slack-jawed three-minute ditty packed with sprightly melodies and intelligent layers of guitar that ooze effortless cool.” The line of BEST FIT


So, Who are the Phantom Runners?

Adam, {lead vocals/guitar}, Sam {drums} and Robbie {synths}.

And where does that name come from?

It was literally a stupid moment of chucking loads of words together one drunken night…then voila!

How did you all get together?

We’ve had a bit of a rotating door of drummers, as we just couldn’t find one with the right ‘feel’.  We put an ad up…Sam walked in, totally got the sound and the rest is history.  Robbie is Sam’s best mate.


How would you describe your music?

Haim, meets Blood Orange.

Who is your inspiration and who is currently on your playlist right now?

We are loving everyone from Blood Orange, to MJ, to ASAP Rocky, Youth Club, The Away Days,  Garden City Movement…the list goes on and on!

What’s been the highlight for you all as a band?

Working alongside the legend that is Huey Morgan.

What gigs have you got coming up?

European tours, we are playing a number of cities.

Dingwalls, this Sunday, 24th May.  The Great Escape Festival and the Valley Festival to name a few.

What does the future look like for Phantom Runners?

We are literally going to take over the world…we are going to be MASSIVE!

So, there you go, a big thanks to Phantom Runners for their time.  Go listen yourselves:

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