{captured} The Bank Holiday Weekend…according to my iphone

For some unknown reason, I thought it would be a great idea to head to the Llandudno Air Show on Saturday.  To the beach.  To an event.  In the car.  On a Bank Holiday.  Whyyyyyy?!  Anyway, 1 hour and 45 minutes later, we arrived…and then had to find somewhere to park.  Oh the joys of living around here on a Bank Holiday.  I’ve since heard it took someone THREE HOURS to get there that same morning.  Now THAT’S a recipe for divorce.  If I’m honest, the air show seemed a bit slow to start off with {maybe that had something to do with the car journey}, but the Red Arrows more than made up for it.  But the people who stood up through the entire thing…yeah, they pissed me off a bit.


Truck wheels bigger than you!  That needs photographing!  Along with a false, cheeky smile.

A spit fire!  Where they were also selling bullets for a couple of quid.  Paul told Alfie that the one he’d bought was still ‘live’.  Cue Alf holding onto that bullet for the rest of the day like his life depended on it.

Paul decided to bike it home which meant the bois and I weren’t in a hurry to get back.  So we decided to stop for an ice cream in Betws y Coed…

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
Hello Salted Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream!  Alf opted for Chocolate and Robb went for the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream…we’re still undecided as to who picked the best one.

Well played, Betws y coed, well played.

The bois managed a good climbing session up, down and around the rocks down by the river.  Robb grabbed my phone at one point and said “Let me get a photo for you, you won’t be disappointed!” and got this shot of the waterfall.  I’m not Robbie, diolch pal.

“Do you still want a horse, Mam?”,  “Yup”.

The bois fished.  I napped.  Not even sorry.  Bala Lake and that view though…

We were all so well behaved until the glowsticks and strobe lighting happened…

Laser Combat yesterday.  We weren’t taking it seriously or anything…

But my back knows about it today.

I found out on Friday that my blog {this little ol’ place of mine} has been nominated in the MAD Awards.  Made.  My.  Day.    And then it made me pour a large glass of red ;)

But really, diolch diolch diolch for reading.  It’s just something that I love to do.

Tots100 MAD Blog Awards

4 thoughts on “{captured} The Bank Holiday Weekend…according to my iphone

  1. Amazing, amazing photos! The red arrows flew over our house. It was pretty cool. But you wouldn’t get me to Llandudno on a bank holiday weekend for love nor money. I grew up near there so it does feel a bit like home though.

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